With a new year comes the opportunity to gain a competitive edge. It could be challenging to stand out from the crowd while firms are scouting Montreal’s top talent. The John Molson Accounting Society is offering their support to help you improve your interpersonal skills, extracurricular involvement and overall confidence when applying for future employment. Our team wants to assist you in achieving your highest potential by providing you with qualified mentors to guide you through recruitment.

Once you sign up, you will be paired with a qualified and experienced mentor who will offer you advice on all aspects of recruitment so you, like them, can get recruited.

Every mentor has SUCCESSFULLY gone through recruitment and carries invaluable advice pertaining to all aspects of recruitment.

Signups have been filled! thank you all for signing up, you will be paired with your mentor shortly.

Please contact Lillian Di Girolamo at lillian.digirolamo@jmas.ca if you have any additional questions.