JMAS Business Cards – Get Noticed

  • Are the business cards good quality?

    Come to our office at MB 4.118 to view samples!

    JMAS understands the importance of  business cards, and the impact they make while networking. A good business card may help you get noticed and remembered, which is why our cards are of good print quality. More importantly, the cards are much thicker than your standard business cards, and are coated with a special laminate.


    Double-sided color printing

    AQ Laminate on front and back

    14 pt thickness

  • How many business cards do I receive?

    You can choose to receive either 25, 50, or 100 business cards depending on your needs, enough to easily hand out at the CPA cocktail and other networking events all year-round.

  • How do I receive my business cards?

    Business cards must be picked up at the JMAS office. The business cards are being printed in Montreal and do not need to cross borders, so potential shipping delays are minimized.

  • How do I personalize my business card?

    JMAS has developed an online tool to easily edit your designs with your personal contact information. You can also upload pictures of yourself as well!

    Please note that when uploading your picture, there is a minimum size required to ensure a good quality image is printed on the card. If your picture is too small, you will be notified by our online tool.

  • How do I pay for my business cards and how much do they cost?

    JMAS is able to accept all credit cards . To process payments, we use the Stripe payment platform due to the fact that they are one of the most secure and among the largest payment processors on the internet. Large companies such as Adidas, BestBuy, and Under Armour use Stripe as an online payment method.

    Additionally, our website is secured through SSL, thus encrypting all data that is input in the checkout process, including your credit card information. JMAS does not keep any of your personal payment information stored anywhere.

    The business cards cost 31$, making them even more affordable than large online printing providers such as!

  • Will the business cards be received by recruitment?

    Please note that if you would like to receive your business cards BEFORE the recruitment cocktail on September 19th, orders must be placed BEFORE Thursday September 17th 11:59pm.

  • My business card wasn’t printed properly, what do i do?

    If you did not type your information properly when purchasing your business cards, you will not be refunded if they are already processing or in transit to your home. However if your cards have a physical defect, such as an ink smudge, our supplier has agreed to gladly process a new order at no extra cost.

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