Outstanding accountants keep businesses ahead of the curve: solving problems, building sound financial strategies and ensuring good fiscal health. If you’re a high achiever with an appetite for continuous learning, consider us. You’ll join a program with a reputation for graduates who achieve excellent results at national professional accounting examinations.
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Applicants from Quebec Cegeps (pre-University)

Entry to the program requires an overall CRC score of 26.00 and a CRC score of 25.50 in mathematics.
The courses considered in the mathematics CRC average is Calculus 1 & Linear Algebra. Applicants are still eligible to apply even if they have only completed one of these courses, given that the remaining one is completed at JMSB during their first year.

Students may complete classes in Cegep for which they will be exempted at JMSB.

70% Mathematics 201–103 or 201–NYA (Calculus I)
70% Mathematics 201–105 or 201–NYC (Linear Algebra)
75% Introduction to Macroeconomics (Concordia: ECON 203)
75% Introduction to Microeconomics (Concordia: ECON 201)
Pass Computer Literacy (Concordia: BTM 200)

Admitted students who do not receive exemptions for these courses in their letter of acceptance will be required to complete them as elective credits at JMSB during their first year in the program. These prerequisite courses will count for credit and will not normally prolong a JMSB degree in any way.

Applicants from Quebec Cegeps (Professional/ Technique)

Cegep applicants completing a three-year technical DEC in a business-related field may also be eligible for admission without the mathematics profile specified above, provided they achieve a minimum overall CRC of 26.00 and achieve a minimum of 70% in the quantitative business course(s) required for their Cegep program. It is also recommended that these applicants submit their high school transcripts with their application.

Options if you do not meet the requirements
The most common way is to register into an other department at Concordia. Programs such as Economics or Poli-Sci are interesting and accessible. Using your time at Concordia to complete the requirements demanded for JMSB. After this you may be eligible to Internally transfer from other Concordia programs.
Concordia students in non-JMSB degree programs (e.g., B.A. students) may apply to transfer to a JMSB degree program for the Fall semester only. The deadline is MARCH 1; application forms are available at Birks Student Service Centre for a $40 fee.
Register for a JMSB Degree Transfer Information Session
Download a Degree Transfer information sheet
Independent Students and Certificate program students are not eligible for degree transfers and must submit a new application to the university for either the Fall or Winter semesters; though the following admissions information is valid for all Concordia degree transfers, certificate and independent students.
Download an independent and certificate student transfer information sheet
Internal applicants must have completed the following five prerequisite courses, or their equivalents, prior to admission:

  • MATH 208 (Fundamentals of Mathematics I)
  • MATH 209 (Fundamentals of Mathematics II)
  • ECON 201 (Introduction to Microeconomics)
  • ECON 203 (Introduction to Macroeconomics)
  • BTM 200 (Fundamentals of Information Technology)

Internal applicants must have completed at least 12 credits at Concordia with a cumulative GPA of 2.70 for either the BComm program or the BAdmin program. Applicants must also have achieved a B- average in MATH 208 and MATH 209, if completed at the university level.
*Applicants in Failed Standing are subject to additional requirements.

Applicants may still complete some classes that will count towards their Bcomm major despite not being at JMSB yet. This option is heavily recommended.

  • MARK 201 (with a minimum grade of “C-“) => COMM 223
  • COMM 215 “Business Statistics” (with a minimum grade of “C-“)

The following two courses may result in exemptions only and will not count for credit at JMSB:

  • ACCO 230 (with a minimum grade of “C”) => COMM 217 ENDS SUMMER 2015
  • ACCO 240 (with a minimum grade of “C-”) => COMM 305

Note: ACCO 230 completed in the Fall 2015 semester and later will no longer result in exemption from COMM 217

On a typical application, a student must complete 90 credits in order to graduate. This number will go up to 120 if you are an out of province student. Keep in mind that these numbers are minimal requirements, a student may take on additional credits before applying for graduation.

Credits are acquired through classes. At JMSB an accounting student will have to take 3 types of classes in order to graduate: Core, Major and Elective classes. Core classes are classes every JMSB student must take, regardless of their major. These classes will give you an insight into the different business majors available at Concordia. Major classes are required to be taken by students in the specialization; Accounting students may only take ACCO major classes. Finally, Electives are classes that permit you to explore different fields/ areas that the curriculum does not touch on. Use these classes to look into fields that interest you and who will broaden your horizon.

Below are worksheets that provide a suggestion on how to efficiently structure your classes depending on your major. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions. It is always wise to adjust the workload to your personal situation and to research the nature of the classes in advance.

Worksheet 2014-2015 (90 credits)
Worksheet 2014-2015 (120 credits)
Core classes
Major classes

The field of accountancy provides students with a wide array of possibilities. A problem with this is that the field itself is very large and this can sometimes get confusing. The mains areas for accountants upon graduation are:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Taxation Specialist
  • Auditor
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Controller

Most often, graduating students will be heading towards either bookkeeping, taxation or audit before venturing into new fields. Now, most importantly, how do students apply for those job? JMSB offers students with an amplitude of opportunities.
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