Many of Montreal’s industries strive to recruit Montreal’s top talent for future accounting positions. Anyone looking for a job in accounting is quite fortunate, as this process can really help students get their foot in the door, even before graduating.

Industry Recruitment consists of many events, such as:

  • Head office Tours: Tours given by the industry, which give students the opportunity to get a feel for the environment of the office, and a chance to network with representatives and other students.
  • Info Sessions: Seminars hosted by the Industry, which informs students about  their application process and what they are looking for. These seminars also provide the opportunity for students to network and impress corporate representatives.
  • CMS Workshops: CMS offers Clinics for CV writting, job search strategies, and successful interviewing. You can register for these workshops on ConneXions.
  • Industry Recruitment Cocktail: This is one of the most important events, which provides students with the chance to meet and network with the large amount of Industries looking for accountants. This is a unique opportunity to impress potential employers.


There are events at numerous different locations from le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel, to seminars at JMSB, to the Companies offices themselves. You will likely be travelling all over the city to find your future job.