The John Molson Accounting Society is looking to recruit a new member to represent the first year accountancy students of JMSB!

The First Year Representative will be working along side the 2018-2019 executive team, learning about the association and discovering what interests them most about JMAS. They will also get the opportunity to plan their own event, with the help of other executives, during the second semester of the year!

We are looking for a first year accounting student that is interested in meeting new people, getting involved and wants to make a difference within the JMSB community.

JMAS is looking for students who are:
• Hardworking
• Spontaneous
• Sociable
• Motivated
• Driven
*GPA is not something that is evaluated throughout the proces

Applications are currently closed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

 Applications for the next First Year Rep will open up in Fall 2018!