Have you ever travelled and enjoyed your experience so much that you wanted to live in the countries that you visited?

Have you ever wondered what your future holds or where life will take you after graduation?

Have you ever explored the possibility of having a borderless career?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this event is for you! The John Molson International Business Association (JMIBA) & the John Molson Accounting Society (JMAS) present to you the Nexpatriates Conference.

This event is meant to expose the undergraduate students at the John Molson School of Business to the international career opportunities that are available to them. We are striving to unveil the global opportunities that students may not be considering because of a lack of information about international affairs.

We are inviting multiple professionals with international experience to speak to students about the various career opportunities that are available to them all around world. Ultimately this will help students better plan their post-undergraduate strategy which in turn could dramatically change the career path of many.

Students are encouraged to participate during the presentations and to attend the closing cocktail where they will be able to network with students and speakers.

All you will need to do is is send your questions on either Facebook or Twitter using the Hashtag:


and we will have the speakers answer then during his presentation