In September, many of Montreal’s accounting firms will strive to recruit Montreal’s top talent for future accounting positions. Anyone looking for a job in accounting is quite fortunate, as this process can really help students get their foot in the door, even before graduating.

Recruitment consists of many events, such as:

  • Firm Tours: Tours given by the firms, which give students the opportunity to get a feel for the environment of the office, and a chance to network with firm representatives and other students.
  • Firm Seminars: Seminars hosted by the firm, which advise students on how to approach interviews, as well as advice on networking, and CACEE writing. These seminars also provide the opportunity for students to network and impress firm representatives.
  • CMS Workshops: CMS offers Clinics for CACEE form writing, job search strategies, and successful interviewing. You can register for these workshops on ConneXions.
  • Recruitment Cocktail: This is one of the most important events, which provides students with the chance to meet and network with the majority of the firms taking part in Recruitment. This is a unique opportunity to impress potential employers. It is strongly recommended that all students attend.


Recruitment starts towards the end of August/beginning of September. The events listed above continue right up until the CACEE deadline on September 17th. You can find information on how to register for each event on our website.


There are events at numerous different locations from Marche Bonsecours, to seminars at JMSB, to the firm’s offices themselves. You will likely be travelling all over the city during this exciting month.


To find the perfect fit and the perfect career for you, of course! Take advantage of being part of one of the only programs where the employers are the ones to make the first move.


      1. Complete a CACEE form. To download the form, go to the CACEE website (you have the choice to download the English or French version of the CACEE Form). To learn more about how to complete a CACEE form please download the “CACEE form Tips Sheet” found in on ConneXions.
      2. Important: be sure to:
        Include a copy of your transcript with every application

        Write your name in the signature box on each CACEE form

      3. The application deadline is Monday, September 17th at 11:59 a.m.. You are strongly encouraged to submit your completed CACEE application forms before that date.
      4. Accounting firms are responsible for emailing each candidate about the interview information (location, time, date).