CPA Recruitment Cocktail

The CPA Recruitment Cocktail is by far our biggest event of the year! With over 400 students and 22 accounting firms and companies present, the cocktail takes place every year in September, near the application deadline. The cocktail is the final chance students get to network with firm and company representatives, and for many, it helps them solidify relationships and leave one final impression before sending in their CACEE forms. The night of this three-hour networking opportunity flies by faster than you know it. This year we had a record-breaking attendance, as it was the first recruitment cocktail since the merger of the 3 orders.

We would like to thank everyone who came to our CPA Recruitment Cocktail this year. Special thanks to our sponsors and partners, the CPA Order and all the volunteers who helped make this event a huge success!

JMAS would also like to congratulate our very own VP Recruitment, Joseph Bartlett, on successfully completing what will most definitely be remembered as one of our best recruitment cocktails to date!

Special thanks to Yanbo Tang for the photos, and Helene Ha for the video.